Tips for distance learning

Electronic resources at the library

The main part of the library collections, besides the printed material, are available on the website. More information

Guidance on information retrieval or reference writing

The library is available by phone, email or Zoom for guidance on information retrieval or reference writing. More information

Language Lab

The Language Lab will be open through Zoom twice a week. More information

Office 365

As a student at the University of Borås, you have access to Office 365. With Office 365 you can access the Office programs online and install Microsoft Office on up to five computers. More information


If you need to print a document, you can do so in the library or the Medialab (the computer hall opposite to Sparbankssalen and M204 at the entrance level in Sandgärdet).

Student Health Care gives tips

The Student Health Care has published a link with tips on their webpage. Read more on their webpage


Zoom is the system for distance learning and video conference. More information

There is also a webpage with information about special opening hours and contact information to different parts of the university.