Textile Design Students Selected for the Young Textile Art Triennial

The Young Textile Art Triennial is an international exhibition and competition in textile art and design. It is addressed to students of art and design academies from all over the world. We are thrilled that two of our alumni, Darja Nordberg (BA Textile Design, 2021) and Zuzanna Kinga Wójcik (MA Textile Design, 2022), have been selected for the competition. 

The triennial also has a senior session, where the research project entitled Seen/Unseen will be presented. It explores using RGB light as a design material in textile and fashion design. This research project is in collaboration between The Swedish School of Textiles' BA Textile Design alumni Luna Gil, Docent Marjan Kooroshnia and PhD candidate in Fashion Design Jan Tepe.

The 4th edition of YTAT will be held in October 2022 in Łódź. 

More information about YTAT can be found here: http://www.ytat.asp.lodz.pl/index.php/en/ 

Image 1:
Designer: Zuzanna Kinga Wójcik, Touch the Textile, MA Degree Work 2022
Photo: Daniela Ferro

Image 2:
Designer and work: Darja Nordberg, Twisted Colors, BA Degree Work 2021
Photo: Daniela Ferro