Our package of front-end web development courses gives you real-world skills and knowledge in designing user experiences (UX) and user interfaces (UI), which are crucial for the success of any website or mobile application.

Working in at team in such a demanding course gave me an insight of how future work life could look like. I liked it and learned a lot from it.

The courses will help you gain a thorough understanding of theories and methods for the design of engaging and functional web and mobile applications. You will acquire the skills and knowledge to design user experience (UX) that incorporates the psychology behind decision-making. Through these hands-on courses, you will produce interactive online solutions which will deepen your understanding of the fundamental concepts, practices, workflows, processes, and coding used for web/mobile development. Front-end web development courses are focused on developing products that are of high aesthetic value, good functionality, and well applied technical execution. Special attention is given to critical thinking and the evaluation of a developed user experience (UX).

Thank you for this course, I woult definitely say to my future employer that I have learned a lot, that I know about Agile work, I know UX, yeah...

Learn more about the courses Modelling 7.5 ECTS, Interface Development 7.5 ECTS and Ux Design 15 ECTS (pdf)

Student work

Through iterative human-centred design process and evaluation, the following interactive web applications are designed and developed by using React. Here we proudly present the work of three of our students.


Klimatkollen - Climate check
What would be the best way to communicate climate change to our youngest? Klimatkollen is an interactive web application developed for 12-15 years old students.

Klimatkollen (external link)


Cosmo project
If Cosmopolitan magazine invites you to design UX experience that will help their readers to understand the impact of climate change, what would you do? This page is the interactive web application made to help and motivate Cosmopolitan readers to get deeper understanding about the climate change.


Nowadays everybody talk about cryptocurrencies, but what is that? How do we prepare our 12-15 years old students to get basic understandings about cryptocurrencies and their value? Cryptomate is interactive web application that is specifically made for our youngest.

Cryptomate (external link)