University campus

The number of international students has been high during the last decade which has contributed to making the University of Borås a dynamic and multicultural place of learning.

The campus is located in modern, purpose built buildings in the city centre within walking distance of local amenities such as shops, restaurants, banks, supermarkets and the main bus and train stations. Public transportation in Borås is both safe and reliable and as a result many of our students choose to live in the surrounding region and commute to the university.

The University of Borås was founded in 1977. We strongly believe in giving our students knowledge and skills which they will be able to use in their working life. Our goal is to provide our students with a high quality education and the skills necessary for pursuing the career of their dreams. To make sure that our students get the best possible education, several of our lecturers have a background in industry. We also work closely with external partners in both the private and public sector and encourage our students to do work placements while studying at the University of Borås. Our approach to teaching and learning is not only highly appreciated by our students, but actually makes them more attractive on the job market and increases employability.


The university's campus is located in the city centre at the end of the central street called Allégatan. It’s about a 10-minute walk from Resecentrum, which is the central station for the city’s trains and buses.


Here’s a map of the university's premises, restaurants, campus services, IT support, Student Reception, etc.

University Library

The University Library at the University of Borås is one of the best libraries in Sweden. At the University Library, you can book group rooms, loan course literature, top up the funds in your printing account, and get help and support from our librarians. The library also organises activities such as breakfasts and seminars. Visit the library's website to see the calendar and more information.

Student bookstore

At the student bookstore, you can buy new and used course literature, office supplies, and compendiums--or sell course literature you no longer need. You can find the Student Bookstore at Allégatan 6.

Food and coffee

There are several restaurants and cafés where you can buy food, coffee, or snacks on campus.  All restaurants serve vegetarian options. For those who want to heat up your own food, there are student kitchens available in all buildings on campus.

Environmental work on campus

The University of Borås has a strong sustainability profile and we are actively working to reduce our footprint on the planet. In addition to a clearly integrated environmental profile in teaching as well as organisational governance and management, we also encourage our students to take steps towards sustainability during their studies. Therefore, we encourage you to take the bike or bus to the university, use the recycling stations that are located around campus, turn off lights in study rooms and toilets when you leave, and turn off computers when you have finished working.

Campus Varberg

The University of Borås also conducts teaching in the city of Varberg. Check out Campus Varberg (Swedish site).


The university and the Student Union collaborate when it comes to Drivhuset, which helps new entrepreneurs start and run businesses through education, guidance, free office environments, etc. Read more on their website (external link)

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