Why choose the university of Borås?


With us you can choose from over 60 educational programs at different levels. We offer unique programmes in ten areas; several of our programmes are only available at our university and attract students from all over Sweden. In collaboration with business and industry, we conduct education and research of high quality in an international setting and with significant social relevance.

Wonderful Borås

The city of culture, the sports city, the textile city, or the shopping town. Yes, it can go by different names. One thing is for sure: Borås is growing in every way. Here you will find everything from cosy cafés to large shopping centres, award-winning restaurants to convenient transportation, with everything in close proximity.

A strong University

The University of Borås is one of the country's strongest universities with successful educational and research environments. The University of Borås currently has about 17,000 students and approximately 760 employees. Here learning, knowledge, and innovation are created in an inspiring study environment.

Close links to business

The University of Borås has good collaborations in place with the regional business community. We arrange activities together with external actors and the Student Union during, for example, industry conferences and career fairs. This is all so that you will have the opportunity to make valuable contacts while you are studying, something that hopefully can increase your chances of finding a good job.

Unique and central campus

The university's campus is located in the city centre at the end of the central street Allégatan. On our campus you will find everything you need. In addition to classrooms, we have one of Sweden's best libraries, as well as restaurants, cafés, and a student bookstore.

Easy commuting

The university's campus is within a 10-minute walk of the central station for the city’s trains and buses. If you live elsewhere and commute to Borås, Mecenat offers a student discount on Västtrafik's season tickets. Read more about the discount. (external link)

Sustainable development

For the University of Borås, collaboration around sustainable development in education means that you as a student are stimulated to think critically in your educational programme and given a sound basis for working for and in a sustainable society. Some programmes have received a special diploma, termed HU for “hållbar utveckling,” or sustainable development. This marks which programmes contain courses that have been certified for their work on sustainable development.


For several years, a close collaboration has been in place between the University of Borås, the City of Borås, and the Student Union in Borås to make it easier for you as a student to find good accommodations. Here you can find tips on accommodations. 

Support and help

During your time as a student, support is available if you need help with, for example, academic writing, study techniques, oral presentation, educational guidance, contact with a social counsellor, nurse, or student ombudsman, or support in reading and writing difficulties/dyslexia or with other disabilities.

Information retrieval

The University Library offers instruction in information retrieval for all students admitted to one of the university's undergraduate programmes. This is planned together with programme and course coordinators at the Faculties and aims to promote the development of information literacy.