Experiments in the Lab

Our equipment is changing, depending on what kind of experiments and tasks we are about to conduct. Below you can find some of the equipment we have in the Lab at the moment.

Eye tracking (screen)

In an eye tracking-test, an advanced camera measures eye movements across a screen. The screen can be a computer screen, tablet or smartphone. The testperson gets a task to perform, for example to buy something in an OnlineShop or to look at a flyer. After the eye tracking-test there is an interview. By combining eye tracking and interview we get an overall picture of the experience in front of the screen.

Eye tracking (glasses)

Our eye tracking glasses are designed to measure eye movements in the real world. It is wirelessly connected and has a wide view so that the researacher can  observe the test subject in any real world environment. The test person can feel comfortable and act naturally anywhere in the real world with the glasses on.


Eye tracking in VR environment

VR glasses with integrated eyetracking make it possible to measure eye movements in a virtually structured environment. There, the customer can e.g. choose a certain packaging from a product shelf and we can both see the environment and measure how the customer's eyes sweep over the shelf before making his choice.


Galvanic Skin Response (GSR)

Shimmer GSR (Galvanic Skin Response) is a sensor that measures changes of temperature in the skin, for example if a person gets nervous or aroused. The sensor works perfectly together with the screen based eye tracking equipment in the Retail lab. In that way we can measure what happens if we add stimuli during an ongoing eye tracking test, för instance add music or an event.

Info shelf

The Retail Lab's info shelf consists of an RFID reader and a computer. All products in the shop are tagged with RFID tags, which has posted a variety of information. When the test person adds an item at the info-shelf, the product's information is shown on the screen. The information may consist of text, images or/and video. There you can then make different choices, such as buying goods, launch a product guide to help with the purchase, etc.

Check out

In our check-out we combine RFID and NFC to get a good consumer experience and the best service. When you log in with your phone, you can also choose delivery method before you finish your purchase by using the phone.


Interactive Dressing Room

A dressing room can be much more than just a place for trying out new clothes. In the Retail Lab's Dressing Room we have a touch screen where you can use services like store assistant help, choose delivery method, suggestions for matching clothes, etc. In the test room, we combine RFID and NFC.

Virtual Reality (VR)

We can also work with VR-technology in the lab, we work with the system HTC Vive. In the future for instance, customers may be able to complete their purchase by visiting a store virtually, using VR glasses. 


IT tool for the in-store customer

We have developed an IT tool to support the customer during their in-store purchases. For example, the customer can use the tool as help during the purchase of a complex product, where more information is required about the product to determine what the best possible option.