Science workshop: Bio-polymers and bio-based composites for the future

Welcome to our workshop Bio-polymers and bio-based composites for the future

We will have a hybrid research workshop, held at University of Borås and online via Zoom. Join via Zoom here. 

About the workshop

Researchers, from University of Borås and Chalmers University of Technology will present their research on bio-composites, followed by a short question and answer session.

Hope you can participate in this workshop, and that we can further develop our research collaboration.


09:30–09:40  Workshop introduction
Room: J2519 (library building)
Presenter: Mikael Skrifvars

09:40–09:55 Development of bio-based thermosetting resins for composite applications
Room: J2519
Presenter: Dan Åkesson

09:55–10:10 Textile fibre from residue (current activites in Nawar's research group)
Room: J2519
Presenter: Nawar Kadi

10:10–10:25 Modelling and prediction of mechanical properties of short fibre composites
Room: J2519
Presenter: Martin Fagerström

Break and mingling

10:40–10:55 Sandwich Bio-composites: Processing, Characterization, Simulation
Room: J2519
Presenter: Pooria Khalili

10:55–11:05 Bio-based agri-waste – Big potential for future applications
Room: J2519
Presenter: May Kahoush

11:05–11:20 Nanocellulose film, Production and chemical modification
Room: J2519
Presenter: Gunnar Westman

11:20–11:35 Rheology and Processing of Soft Matter
Room: J2519
Presenter: Roland Kádár

11:35–11:45 Recycled fibres for composite reinforcement
Room: J2519
Presenter: Katarina Lindström 

12:00–13:00 Lunch break 

13:00–13:15 Micromechanical testing on single fibers and composites with well-controlled environment
Room: J2519
Presenter: Fang Liu In-situ

13:15–13:30 Wood-based polymers beyond cellulose
Room: J2519
Presenter: Tiina Nypelöö 

13:30–13:45 Nanocellulose film, mechanical and optical effect from additive
Room: J2519
Presenter: Amit Kumar Sonker

13:45–14:55 Lignocellulosic biocomposites for structural high impact applications
Room: J2519
Presenter: Matilda Johansson

14:55–15:05 Polyhydroxyalkanoates and their application in the biomedical field
Room: J2519
Presenter: Sabrina Kopf

15:05–15:35 Polymer lab visit
Department of Resource Recovery and Building Technology (second floor)

15:40–16:00 Textile lab visit
Textile building (ground floor)


Pooria Khalili
Phone: 033-435 5959