Issue 2 2018


Safer, faster, better—high-powered forecasts
New data analytical models will help the pharmaceutical industry to better anticipate their development potential.

Inclusion is the key to school for everyone
Being able to meet and respond to pupils' differences--it gives students trust in each other and the school as well as confidence in their own ability. Research at the University of Borås shows the value of inclusive learning environments.

Scania and Volvo have different organisational models—which way is best?
How should a company be organised to be profitable and viable, where employees thrive, develop, and deliver—all at the same time?


It's not just research—it's a passion
This professor is deeply engaged in making our world more sustainable, for example, by creating opportunities to recycle textiles to a much higher degree than is done today.

The professor who never stops reading
Tom Wilson wants to start studying how electronic communication affects young people. He is a Senior Professor, 83 years old and still going strong with new projects.


Following the traces of research in society
For him, the images constitute a concrete tool for addressing a problem he has long criticised in his research--namely, how research is increasingly being evaluated using numbers instead of focusing on assessed quality.

National hub can make Sweden a leader in digitalisation
A national research centre focussing on digitalisation in society--is that necessary? And if so, why?

New perspectives on future sustainable way of living
This autumn, the project, which deals with future ways of living in a more sustainable way, will come to its conclusion, and all the doctoral students' projects will be presented in the form of a book.

Life, death, isolation, and compression stockings
Now, researchers are investigating whether education in communication can help home care staff to better acknowledge and respond to elderly people's needs for conversation.

Outlook: The dream is to start a large research school
Professor Daniel Ekwall looks out at the world from his research area.