Design, Textiles, and Sustainable Development

Among other things, the research is aimed at developing materials, technology, information, and information and communications technology (ICT) solutions and applications for the use of smart textiles in health-promoting, ergonomic, and functional textiles for the automotive industry.

The research group also conducts research on materials and ICT solutions for soft robotics based on smart textiles. Additionally, it conducts research on how smart textiles can be used to support human-technology interaction, e.g. with robots.

The University of Borås and the University of Skövde operate a strategic research collaboration financed by the Västra Götaland region. The aim is to build a strong shared research environment that strengthens institutions in the region. Collaboration takes place in four main areas:
--Information and Communication Technologies
--Design, Textiles, and Sustainable Development
--Health and wellness
--Future entrepreneurship and new business models

In addition, the research team spreads knowledge/technology to society at large e.g. through teaching at universities in Skövde and Borås within smart textiles and through other areas of application.



Research leader Vincent Nierstrasz,
University of Borås,
Theme: Design, Textiles, and Sustainable Development