Call for research support from CVS - University of Borås

The research questions may, for example, concern concrete cases of locational and rural development, or analysis of cross-sectoral and collaborative actions related to pandemic crisis management. Analytical comparisons can be made between different projects and ventures within a county/location, or between a pair of counties/locations. Critical perspectives as well as improvement proposals are welcomed.

With this call, CVS wants to give whomever executes the project a great opportunity to design the research structure and questions themselves. At the same time, the call is aimed at a specific area. It is therefore important that the project proposal clearly problematises the issue of welfare challenges in rural communities and how “new” local solutions are organised to meet these.

For the study, funds comprising 500,000 SEK are available. The sum can be used for salary costs (including OH costs) and overhead related to the performance of the study (such as transcribing costs). CVS's wishes are that the study commence as soon as possible and that the results be published in at least one journal publication, as well as at an open seminar held by CVS. During the time that the project is underway, it would be good if the work could be presented and discussed at the workshops that CVS will start in support of the projects underway at the centre.


The application, submitted to CVS, sets out how applicants will carry out the project and plans to structure it. In other words, the following are to be presented: the purpose and questions of the project, implementation plan, and the overview budget. Applications are not to exceed two pages (Times New Roman, 12 pt, 1.5 line spacing). The Project Leader’s CV should also be attached to the application (max two pages). The Project Leader’s five most important publications in the field should be listed there.

Applications will be assessed on the basis of the scientific quality of the project plan, the clarity of the question formulation, and the timeliness of the investigation. Other assessment criteria concern the clarity of the implementation plan as well as researchers' competence and knowledge in the field of rural-welfare challenges.

Applications should be sent to no later than 31 August.

Centre for Welfare Studies and the theme of welfare in smaller municipalities and rural areas

The Centre for Welfare Studies, CVS, wants to contribute to community development by analysing and problematising the challenges of the welfare society. The research conducted at the centre highlights issues of welfare governance, management, and organisation. The analyses are cross-border, interdisciplinary, and are conducted in collaboration with external actors.

One of the three areas of focus that CVS is tasked with studying is cross-sectoral and collaborative organising for a sustainable welfare society. A particularly topical theme here is how welfare is organised in smaller municipalities and rural areas. Research has shown that as public activities decrease regarding service, care, and communications, then private and civil society welfare actors are given greater scope for action. While private investments take place primarily in urban spaces, rural areas are more often referred to local collaborations and community organising, which occurs via associations and movements.