SIIR - Swedish Institute for Innovative Retailing

SIIR - Swedish Institute for Innovative Retailing

Within SIIR, project-based meetings are conducted where researchers and PhD students produce research and submit research projects for external fundings. Additionally, we also drive opinion in order to highlight the important role of retail within society, mainly with the help of blogs and pod-casts. SIIR has no internal research funding, and as such, is an inclusive centre open to all researchers who want to elaborate and build knowledge on the transformational change within the sector due to digitalization. In order to produce innovative research, participants at SIIR are required to seek funding, and/or lead research projects within the centre. At SIIR there are also researchers and PhD students from other universities interested in retail digitalization, where the Industrial Graduate School of Digital Retailing, INSiDR, is a particularly important group. Research members within SIIR also have a special interest in The Retail Lab (Handelslabbet) and perform experiments and tests in the lab environment and contribute to the development of the environment.

Research focus

Digitalization within retailing is one of the most significant on-going transformation of contemporary society and encompasses many elements of business and everyday-life. Our research is important for sustainable planning of society, but also for modern supply chain management, consumer insights, customer value and service innovation.

Our work can also contribute positively to the work environment and working conditions, support a longer-term profitability perspective, help companies plan strategically, make better decisions, and become more data-driven. Research also contributes to critical perspectives on the market, purchasing behavior and sustainable consumption, and explores the importance of valuations in forecasting, artificial intelligence, retail and commercial activities.

SIIR continuously applies for research funding from various financiers and has a wide network of companies and organizations, such as Naturvårdsverket (Swedish Environmental Protection Agency), Svensk Dagligvaruhandel (Swedish Food Retailer's Federaion) and Svensk Digital Handel (external link) where we participated in podcasts. We have also participated with E-handelsstaden Borås, DI Retail 2018 and the Entrepreneur's Day 2018 and also cooperate with IKEA.

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