Destex event

Speakers with different areas of expertise will provide an overview of the area’s best practices and on challenges from different perspectives. Destex event is intended for participants from business, industry, teachers, trainers, researchers and the students. Public are also welcome to the seminar.

Participants will receive a Zoom-link in order to view the seminars and participate in the workshop and the discussion.


  • March 15th 2022 (15:00 to 17:00).
  • 15:00-15:05 welcome
  • 15:05-15:20 Resource effective textile processes in advanced textile manufacturing (Vincent Nierstrasz, Professor in Textile Technology)
  • 15:20- 15:35 Destex- Industrial and creative design in advanced textile manufacturing: (Razieh Hashemi Sanatgar, Researcher in Textile Technology)
  • 15:35-15:50 training book (Karen Marie Hasling, Associate Professor in Sustainability and Design)
  • 15:50-16:10 TST Company (Per-Arne Andersson, Research And Development)
  • 16:10-16:20 Advanced Textile Design Hackathons (Venere Ferraro, Associate Professor in Design)
  • 16:20- 16:40 Workshop
  • 16:40-17 Discussion and closing