Accounting Research Group

Accounting Research Group

The research group is deals with external and internal accounting as well as financial management. The collective expertise is broad and ranges from more legally oriented approaches to research rooted in national economic theory.

Our research projects have resulted in the publications of articles in which external and internal accounting as well as financial management, environmental accounting, and personnel accounting are analysed in light of ethical theories. Other key areas have dealt with the relationship between trust and control, organisational management, and review. The central underlying themes are ethical considerations, the meeting point of competing values, ​​and the reporting of non-financial dimensions.

A common theme for team members is that we believe that "ethical accountability" helps the group's research in its associations with teaching and pedagogy. We want our research to support our students and our teachers to improve the quality of teaching. Our published articles have repeatedly been used even outside the scientific community by students at several universities both nationally and internationally.

Finally, as we developed the idea of ​​"ethical accountability," we believe that participatory and interdisciplinary research is easier to implement.

We work with and develop projects in several areas:

• Accounting Principles and Judgement
• Accounting of Currency Translations
• The Role of TQM in the Changing Accountability of the Local Governments
• Social investments