Hupp – Higher education, practice, and politics

Hupp – Higher education, practice, and politics

Within Hupp, researchers, lecturers, and doctoral students work along two lines that provide both direction and width to the work: One line deals with critical issues relating to the gradual transformation of the higher education sector. The questions are linked to theories of the “global” knowledge economy and “New Public Management,” but also to the currents in national discussions around the politics of education of recent years. It studies how this transformation affects the university's role, particular practices, and "New Public Good." Specifically, the focus is on research issues on policy and institutional change, academic work, and legitimacy, as well as professions.

The second line concerns research issues related to development work in higher education. Research on higher education pedagogy includes questions about learning in relation to the individual, culture, and context, and includes teacher, management, and student perspectives. For example, research questions are raised about research and educational practices as well as student transformations and assessment.

When Hupp meets, one of the participants' work projects, working papers, or problems is presented and the group contributes jointly to its further development through critical comments and suggestions. The seminar culture is open and inclusive, with the common goal of deepening ongoing research work.

Hupp is convened by the research leader every other Thursday.

Journal of Praxis in Higher Education

This is the university's first pedagogical journal, with a theme that, nationally and internationally, links to pedagogical work, higher education issues, teacher education, and the teaching profession, but also to critical higher education research. The journal has a strong international research tradition as well as internationally renowned researchers through our Editorial Board and our network of senior reviewers.

Editorial Team

  • Editor-in-Chief: Petra Angervall
  • Senior Editors: Kathleen Mahon, Melina Aarnikoivu, Kalypso Filippo, Zach Taylor, David Hoffman, Sara Kh Soltani, Laura Louise Sarauw och Trine Fossland.
  • Guest Editor: Bruce Macfarlane
  • Assistant Editors: Johanna Mellén och Tina Yngvesson

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