IT Service and Management

IT Service and Management

Most organisations today are completely dependent on digitalisation in order for their business models to operate. The ITSM approach represents a paradigm shift for the entire IT sector that challenges the old technology and product-oriented perspective.

ITSM is a multidisciplinary concept that is at the intersection of IT, services, and management. The research conducted at the University of Borås aims to create synergies between these three fields, among other things. That is to say, ITSM is not only a concern of IT disciplines. Our interest is to understand and develop IT from a services and management perspective. This means that our research is based on modern service theories in which IT is not studied from older product-oriented approach or from a narrow technical perspective. Instead, key concepts are emphasised, such as value to businesses, customer value, and collaboration. We are particularly interested in developing digital tools that support process efficiency, service innovation, or data-driven innovation.

In line with the university's professional orientation, our research is permeated with an intent to provide digital tools that create sustainable value for both private and public stakeholders. We want to achieve results that benefit individuals, organisations and communities. This means that we do not see digital technology in isolation but rather as part of a larger integrated ecosystem that also consists of individuals and organisations. One consequence of this approach is that we start from the organisational, operational and individual conditions, in combination with the potential of digital technologies.

Our research is characterised by an empirical approach. This means that artefacts are developed in collaboration with the industry or the public sector. In addition to developing useful IT artefacts, our research is aimed at developing theories. Theorisation is often based on observations of digital tools in empirical contexts. We therefore conduct mainly applied research. Our research group has a network consisting of 50 companies, some 10 municipalities and counties as well as several national and international universities. The research group organises the annual conference "ITSM Borås," bringing together over 100 participants.


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