Jeanette Carlsson Hauff

Faculty of Textiles, Engineering and Business (including The Swedish School of Textiles)

Department of Business Administration and Textile Management


Signature: JEHA

Jeanette Carlsson Hauff holds an MBA from Stockholm School of Economics. She has holds various positions in the financial industry over a period of some 25 years; such as portfolio manager, risk manager and CEO of the fund company Skandia Fonder. She holds a Ph D from Gothenburg Scholl of Economics, Business and Law where she in 2014 defended her thesis Trust and risk-taking: a study of consumer behaviour within a Swedish pension investment setting. She has since performed research focusing on consumer behaviour regarding financial services; e.g. the importance of various formats of financial communication and importance of country-of-origin in a financial context. Jeanette Carlsson Hauff is also involved in a number of research projects focused upon sustainability:

When fast thinking fails – sustainable consumption decision and bad labelling
Given the documented difficulty for consumers to make informed choices within a financial context, and given also the intentions to promote more sustainable choices, the project focuses on the importance of sustainability labels in a financial context. The objective of the project is to assess the level of both financial and environmental knowledge and to further delineate the effect of these variables on the interpretation of sustainability labels.

Research project: CRS-investing operationalised 2.0
The pursuit of a more sustainable-oriented financial sector has been on the agenda for quite some time. This has given rise to a number of rather diverging set of operationalisations: e.g. should companies be excluded from portfolios, should the exclusion be performed in-house and how should the end result be priced? The project attempts to take the consumer perspective and assess the effects on variables such as, among others, perceived quality, efficiency and trust of the various strategic choices at hand for the sustainable financial actors.