Jorge Ferreira

Faculty of Textiles, Engineering and Business (including The Swedish School of Textiles)

Department of Resource Recovery and Building Technology

Phone: 033-435 4638



Room number: D831

Signature: JOFE

I have been developing research within Resource Recovery since 2010. Since early stages that I believed on a multidisciplinary research approach. After a BSc degree in Applied Biology I got a MSc degree in Bioengineering at the University of Minho in Portugal. These complementing education areas were crucial during my PhD studies within Resource Recovery with specialization in Biotechnology at the University of Borås.

My research has been related to the valorization of municipal and industrial sidestreams and wastes using edible filamentous fungi and bacterial consortia. This valorization has been achieved by conversion of nutrients in the various materials into biofuels, biopolymers and fungal biomass for feed and food applications. My research thinking is centered on giving the biggest contribution possible to attain sustainable societies. Thus, the development of close-loop processes or economic and environmental improvement of industrial facilities has been the core of my research career where a strong link between academia and industry is sought.

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