Jyoti Kapur

Faculty of Textiles, Engineering and Business (including The Swedish School of Textiles)

Department of Design

Phone: 033-435 4276


E-mail: jyoti.kapur@hb.se

Signature: JYKA

I specialize in the flat-knit textile design and have been practicing my skills in the industry for many years. Through keen interest in connecting textiles to spatial design I got the opportunity to carry out my doctoral studies within the network of ArcInTexETN, that is funded by the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme of MSCA. My research focuses on the olfactory dimension to design spaces and through textile – olfactory interactions, connect body and the environment. I am interested in developing new materials that are relational to olfactive dimension for spatial experiences as part of sensory sensitive designing. Through my work, I am co-developing pedagogical tools for designing with non-visual materialities through experimental design research.

Latest publications

  • Prof. Norbert Palz, Universität der Kunste, Berlin