Lars Sandman

Faculty of Police Work

Department of Campus Police Education

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Room number: E712

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General research perspective

My general research perspective is organizational ethics in health-care. This implies ethical aspects on how to organize health-care and also the organizing of ethics work within health-care. My background in philosophical ethics implies that I mainly do theoretical normative analyses within this field but I have also been involved in empirical studies within this field.

Priority of scarce resources

Since available resources in health-care are scarce, we need to prioritize. This gives rise to normative questions about how should receive these resources or to whom they should be distributed, i.e. questions about fairness and justice. In my research I have mainly worked with the Swedish ethical platform for priority setting and tried to interpret this platform for different distributive situations. Based on this research I have also been involved as an ethics consultant in concrete priority setting. This research is performed in collaboration with The National Centre for Priority Setting at Linköping university (see link below).

Shared decision-making

A recent trend within health-care is person- or patient centred care. An important aspect of this trend is shared decision-making. In a number of well cited international publications I analyse the ethical implications of shared decision-making. At this moment I am involved in a four year research program concerning this with funding from FORTE and in collaboration with Stockholm University, Karolinska Institute, Royal School of Technology and Gothenburg university (see link below).

Organizing ethics work

My third research interest is the organizing of ethics work within health-care. Examples of research project have been the development and implementation of a ethics assessment instrument for health-technology assessment (HTA) at the Swedish agency for HTA (SBU). Another example is the development of an adapted organizational culture focusing ethical aspects within palliative care. This project is now further developed within other areas with the collaboration of an IT-company.


Ethics advisor, Västra Götaland region

Ethics advisor, SBU

Ethics advisor, TLV

Ethics advisor, National Board of Health and Welfare

  • Erik Gustavsson, Linköpings universitet
  • Mari Broqvist, Linköpings universitet

Researcher's publications in DiVA (Digitala Vetenskapliga Arkivet)

Title of Dissertation

A Good Death on the Value of Death and Dying, Göteborg: GU. Filosofiska institutionen