Tugba Sapmaz Wikström

Faculty of Textiles, Engineering and Business (including The Swedish School of Textiles)
— Department of Resource Recovery and Building Technology

Email: tugba.sapmaz@hb.se

Room number: D532

Signature: TUSA

I work as a doctoral student in the research field of resource recovery, focusing on the extraction of intermediate products of anaerobic digestion like volatile fatty acids (VFAs) and their conversion to high- value products such as carbon source in wastewater treatment.

I graduated from Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Turkey, in the Department of Environmental Engineering in 2015. I then continued MSc programme at ITU and completed one semester of my thesis at the University of Borås in Sweden under the Erasmus programme. In July 2017, I received my MSc degree in the Environmental Sciences, Engineering and Management programme. After enrolling in the PhD programme in Environmental Sciences, Management and Technology at ITU again in 2017, I continued my PhD journey in 2020 as an admitted PhD student with a double degree agreement at the University of Borås.

I am now part of the Biotechnology Research Group and am currently working on the project Sustainable biorefineries by developing a VFA platform, funded by the Swedish Government Agency for Innovation Systems (Vinnova) and carried out in collaboration with an industrial partner in the field of wastewater treatment. The three-year project aims to replace traditional fossil-based carbon sources such as methanol with waste-derived VFAs as a new carbon source for the denitrification stage of wastewater treatment, leading to a more sustainable wastewater treatment process that is independent of fossil feedstocks.

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