Milad Asadi

Faculty of Textiles, Engineering and Business (including The Swedish School of Textiles)

Department of Textile Technology

Phone: 033-435 4466

Mobile: 0790-981062


Room number: S441

Signature: MIAS

I work as a doctoral student within the research group Polymeric E-textiles. My research focus is textile actuators and textile conductive fibres. I study mechanical actuation mechanisms and translate these to textiles at yarn, fabric and garment levels. Optimization of assembly using textile processes is a part of this. Further on, I develop conductive fibres based on carbon allomorphs and carbon based conductive polymers. My work involves use of chemical, mechanical as well as physical sciences.

I have worked at University of Borås since 2016. I have a bachelor`s degree in engineering with a major in textile technology from Azad University of Arak (2010), and a MSc degree in textile engineering from Polytechnic of Turin (2017).

I have participated in two major research projects within smart textile research; development of electro-conductive graphene coated fibres in large scale in collaboration with Inuheat AB and Swerea IVF, financed by SIO Graphene; and Optimization of production of polymer-based conductive fibres via CVD technique, financed by Smart Textiles.