At the University of Borås, we have zero tolerance for discrimination, harassment, and abusive behaviour. The university has the goal of being a generous and compassionate workplace where an open and permissive climate prevails and where discrimination, harassment, and abusive discrimination are not accepted!

As an employer, the university has a responsibility to ensure a good work environment.

Please note that if a manager with responsibility for the work environment has become aware that any employee at the university may have/has been subjected to harassment or abusive discrimination, the university has an obligation to investigate the circumstances of the incident and, where applicable, to take any measures that may reasonably be required to prevent the occurrence of harassment/violations in the future.

The university also has an obligation to ensure that the person who has reported an event is not at risk of retaliation as a result of such a notification.

The university's investigation of suspected harassment/violations is based on the rules of the Discrimination Act and the Swedish Work Environment Authority's collected statutes collection on the Organisational and Social Work Environment (AFS 2015:4).

The Discrimination Act covers ten areas of society, including the social areas of education and working life that include the university’s operations. The law covers applicants for employment, employees, and applicants for educational courses and programmes, as well as others who participate in the university's educational activities.

Under the Discrimination Act, discrimination is prohibited. The prohibition is based on six grounds for discrimination; gender, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, or age.

Read the law in full on the Swedish Parliament's website (Swedish only)