Office Supply

Campus and IT services offers a number of office supply rooms with a basic range of supplies, Campus and IT services are responsible to refill these rooms every two weeks. The basic collection is designed on the basis of what is ordered the most of products as well as the products we have the best contract prices on, the cost of these goods will be charged according to the standard.

Office supply storage placement

  • A313
  • A555
  • A715
  • C458
  • C656
  • D759
  • D862
  • J102
  • L309
  • U423

Do you want something beyond the basic supplies, we make an order through our suppliers that is then sent to you via internal mail. To order fill out the form (only available in Swedish)  Beställning av kontorsmaterial

Goods as coffee, coffee filters, tea, sugar, paper plates, paper cups, spoons and napkins are stocked and ordered via