Cellular phones

IT-department is responsible for purchasing cellular phones, purchase of mobile subscriptions and mobile broadband.


Your manager decides if you as a staff can have a cellular phone. The purchase is made through this requisition form , turn it in to IT.

The university has chosen to have iPhone as standard, it's tested and works in the university's environment, and is the only model IT support. 

Pick up

When you pick up your iPhone you will sign a user agreement which stipulate crucial information about the use of your iPhone. You also get a user guide to help you start up your iPhone.


You can download apps to your unit via App Store. To download an app via App Store you need to have an Apple-ID to identify yourself. Your Apple-ID is the same as your email adress (firstname.surname@hb.se).

A lot of the apps is free of charge but some you need to pay to be able to download. If you want to buy an app and the purpose is to use it in your work at the university of Borås, you need to order it from IT. When the app is ordered you get a activation link in your email, when you click it you will verify your Apple-ID and password and after that you will be able to download the app. Apps bought this way is a property of the university of Borås and is only usable on the unit it is installed on.

Suggestion on useful apps