Stolen or lost mobile phones

Find my iPhone

If your iPhone has been lost or stolen, it is possible to search for the mobile phone using the Find my iPhone function via iCloud (external link). The Find My iPhone feature must have been turned on in your device before.

You select the device you want to search for under the menu option All devices and can, if the service is activated, display a map of where the mobile phone is. There you can choose to play a sound on the device, even if it is in silent mode, and send a message to the mobile. A guide to using Find My iPhone is available through Apple Support (external link).

Remotely lock your device

If you do not succeed in finding your mobile phone, you can, under your selected device in iCloud, select Lost mode for the device to become unusable for the finder. Instructions are available via Apple support (external link).

Alternatively, you can delete all content in your device. When you delete your device, all information will be deleted from the device and it can no longer be found using Find My iPhone. It is not possible to trace a device that you have deleted. Note that removing the device from your account after deleting it will turn off the activation lock. This allows someone else to activate and use the device.

If you did not enable Find My iPhone on the lost device, you will not be able to find the device with that feature.   In this case, you should immediately change your Apple ID password to prevent unauthorised access to your iCloud users or other services, such as iMessage and iTunes. You should also change the password for other accounts on the device, such as email, Facebook, and Twitter.

Report to the police

Report that the device has been lost or stolen to the police by calling 114 14 or registering your report via the police's website (external link).

Remember to give your IMEI number and the operator's name, Tele2. If you do not have your IMEI number available, you can contact IT via email: and ask for that information.

Contact IT

Inform IT via email:, that your mobile has been stolen or lost and what measures you have taken. If you need to order a new telephone, you do so via requisition for IT equipment and with your manager's approval. The requisition form can be found under Purchasing and procurement.