Stock photos

Adobe Stock (stock photos)

Adobe Stock contains of stock photos that are free to use as an employee of the University of Borås.

If you want a user ID, please contact


We have 750 free files per months, these files are marked with "Licens" and as soon as you push the symbol with a cart, a licence is used. Please, do only mark files that you have use for.
Adobe Stock also contains files with the information "Purchase". These files cost money, and this cost is not covered by the Communications Department.
More information about Adobe Stock.



This is a media bank where we save our own images of employees as well as general images of the university and our students. Use this link to log in to the media bank.

You need to be on site at the university or logged in to the VPN for it to work properly.

For access to the media bank with the university's images, please contact:  


The images may be used in the context of the University of Borås. The photographer's name must always be stated.

Instructions for Mediabanken with the university's own images