The web guide

Who should be listed as page manager?

The page manager should be the person who is best at answering questions and checking if information is relevant for the page in question. A page manager is not a web responsibility or a technical responsibility, it is about the content of the page, ie the information itself. If you, in your service, are responsible for informing about and answering questions in a certain area, this also includes the information that can be found on our website.

As page manager, you need to review the information on the page (s) you are responsible for at regular intervals to check that it is still current.

Some page managers update the information themselves in the publishing tool (Episerver) while others get help updating. How the update itself takes place is less important, the important thing is that there is someone who can assess whether or not the information is relevant.

Login and rights

All employees are encouraged to participate and publish information on the web to make relevant information accessible. Therefore, it is good if as many people as possible help with content. All employees are therefore offered writing rights to the system after completing training.

It is important that you have knowledge of web editing according to the level of authorization you have. This means that you are offered a training so that you can learn how the web tool (Episerver) works.

In the training, you learn basic editing in Episerver, how to publish pages, upload images, create links and some cards about rules, routines and what can be good to think about in terms of accessibility on the web.

Login to Episerver is via

Plan the work

There is a lot to think about when it's time to create a new page on the web.

You need to keep track of your target audience, accessibility and user-friendliness. The most important thing is to think about why the page should be created. You need an answer to what the visitor should do with the information you intend to publish. Should the visitor sign up for a course, email tips to an email address or perhaps attend a seminar? Why the page is created, ie the purpose, is what will answer what type of material needs to be made available on the page and how this should be structured.

When the page is in place, it also needs to be managed, which means keeping track of the information so that it is correct and current. How often this needs to be done depends on the type of page.