Translation contracts

When using an external translation service, make sure to inform the service of the university's English-Swedish Lexicon so that appropriate translations of university departments and the like are used in the translation.

Gothenburg University's contracts

Information on translation and proofreading according to the contracts that Gothenburg University has that we are to follow. 

These contracts apply to:

  • Translation from Swedish to English
  • Editing of non-scientific texts written in English

The contracts are divided into six different areas based on subject and type of text. Within each area the translation/editing companies are ranked and you should always first turn to the first supplier in the list.

These contracts do not extend to the translation and editing of scientific texts, for example theses and research reports.

Governmental agreements

There are currently no governmental agreements in place. Follow the university's general purchasing guidelines. These contracts normally apply to:

  • Other translations, including scientific texts
  • Editing of a text that has also been translated (not editing only)

Note! Scientific text editing is not governed by any of our contracts or agreements.

As always, if you have questions, contact the Communications Office.