Doctoral Student

In the Doctoral Student Handbook, you can find information relevant to you as a doctoral student or someone who works with doctoral students at the University of Borås. 

On the way to a licentiate and/or doctoral degree, you sometimes need some advice, tips and guidance. We also offer a lot of information for those who are not doctoral students but work with doctoral students in one form or another, or simply want to know more about life as a doctoral student.

Doctoral students working at the University of Borås but who are registered at other universities should follow the educational principles for those universities. Researchers working at the University of Borås involved in doctoral education must however follow the fundamental guidelines* for doctoral education that the University of Borås has decided.

Below you can find a printable version of the Doctoral student handbook.

Doctoral student handbook, (pdf)

* admission regulation, appointments procedure, systems of qualifications