Doctoral studentship with employment at the University of Borås

The doctoral students normally pertain to 80% third-cycle studies, i.e. five years of doctoral studies and the application pertains to a doctoral degree. The remaining 20 % constitutes departmental work such as administration, preparing classes and teaching. For externally financed PhD students (industry employment or through national or international scholarships) the duty to carry out departmental work does not apply.

The University of Borås does NOT set up scholarships for financing doctoral students. The rules for admission and employment of PhD students are well regulated in the university's "Admission regulations and appointments procedure".

Part-time doctoral studies (at least 50%) 

Admittance is only possible if there is a timetable and a financial plan which shows that a doctoral degree can be reached within 8 years. 

Departmental duty

Doctoral studentships at the University of Borås are normally associated with departmental duty. The duty should not exceed 20% on an annual basis if not agreed otherwise, for instance, the amount of departmental work can exceed 20 % one year, and be correspondingly lower the following year. All time for additional non-doctoral work that the academy may require should be compensated for later. 


A doctoral student is admitted to a doctoral student position and the application pertains to a doctoral degree. An admitted doctoral student may leave the doctoral student position prematurely by applying for a licentiate examination instead. The application can only be granted if the student wants it herself/himself. Only under extraordinary circumstances can the plan which has been set up for third-cycle/doctoral studies have a licentiate thesis as a goal.