Directors of study

For questions related to your education, contact the director of studies responsible for your area.

Research Officers at Professional Services

For administrative issues, such as current course registrations and Ladok, please contact the Research Officer at your Faculty. The research officers are presented on the basis of the research program they mainly support.

Doctoral education coordinator

For regulatory or general questions about the doctoral programme, contact:
Hanna Kantola

Admissions office

A qualification review of a doctoral student must always be done before admission. This must be done for all doctoral students, also if you are an industry doctoral students or upholds a scholarship.


The basis for the degree consist of the grade review protocol (approved result) and a certificate of completion of the courses. You as a doctoral student must yourself apply for a diploma after the dissertation (form sheet F12).


The registrar collects all the documents relating to your education in an individual folder - ranging from admission to the grade committee protocols. In addition to the fact that approved courses are continuously collected in the act, the individual study plan must be submitted annually to the registrar (original with signatures) after it has been approved.