Financing and employment

Admission for university employment is always preceded by a public announcement. Admission to a doctoral position with a so called alternative financing is not necessarily preceded with a public announcement. With alternative financing we refer to external scholarships or a doctoral student who is employed by an organisation other than the University of Borås.

Employment as a doctoral student

Employment as a doctoral student is a temporary position with the benefits and responsibilities that come with being an employee, i.e. university staff member. Employment means, among other things compensation in the form of holiday, work injury insurance, parental leave, pension and unemployment insurance (if you have joined an A-kassa, or unemployment insurance fund, within the appropriate timeframe). You are also entitled to sick pay, reimbursement for medicines, and access to occupational health services.

Working hours are normally full time. Part-time employment, in addition to the applicable statutes applicable to leaves of absence, may be permitted for those who combine their studies with a job outside the university if it is advantageous for the studies. Before part-time employment is approved, you and your principal supervisor together must have agreed on a plan for how the studies will be conducted.

The doctoral student salary is decided by the university in accordance with negotiations with the unions. The doctoral agreement describes the salary levels used and how the salary increases when you reach 25%, 50% (licentiate level) and 75% of the requirements for a doctorate. To request a raise, the form "Application for rise in salary" together with an extract from Ladok showing recorded results, must be submitted to the HR department.

For more information regarding collective agreements and contractual terms you click on the link below:

Industry doctoral student

An industry doctoral student is employed at a company, municipality or other public authority/organisation but, at the same time, completes doctoral studies at the University of Borås at least on a half-time basis in the context of this employment. As such, you normally receive your entire salary from your employer. The research project is selected in consultation with your employer. For example, experimental work may sometimes be completely or partially carried out at the place of employment. You will, as an industry doctoral student, follow the general curriculum for your programme and should therefore also study the subject courses. As an industry doctoral student, you have a supervisor at the University of Borås and an assistant supervisor at the company itself.

Other institutions of higher learning

If rights to grant doctoral education are lacking within the field of your research there are some possibilities to be admitted at another institution but still pursue part of your studies and have your employment here at the University of Borås.  Issues related to the doctoral programme are thus the responsibility of the accepting institution, while employment issues are the responsibility of the University of Borås.


In order to improve the conditions for scholarship-funded doctoral students and to remedy unfair terms, the university has an obligation, with certain exceptions, to hire a doctoral student whose funding consists of a scholarship no later than when there remains a studyperiod corresponding to three years of full-time education for a doctoral degree. Scholarship funding, which is an exception to the requirement for employment, is theone that (1) falls within the framework of an aid and capacity-building program in whichthe university has insight into the conditions (2) or is EU-funded or based on collaborationswhere scholarship constitutes an accepted form of financing and where the requirement of employment becomes an obstacle to the university's participation.

Before the admission of an applicant with scholarship funding, the university will ensure that this funding is at an acceptable level. Your funding is guaranteed to be at least equal to the amount given to employed doctoral students at the university after tax reductions. There should also be a gradual increase in the scholarship at the same rate as the salary ladder, which is regulated under local collective agreements. In the event that funding lapses during the study period for you as scholarship student for reasons that are beyond your control, the university has the responsibility to ensure that your studies during the remaining study time are guaranteed. The minimum allowance per month is following the standards of the Swedish Institute.

As a scholarship student there is a collective insurance signed between the University and Kammarkollegiet concerning sickness and parental insurance. The insurance will apply when your scholarship expires due to a long-term absence from the studies in case of illness or parental leave. The insurance does not entitle you to compensation if you are entitled to the corresponding compensation from any other insurance.

The insurance consists of three parts:

  • Sickness benefit
  • Parental leave
  • Temporary parental leave

The application form for compensation can be found on Kammarkollegiet's website.

An application must be signed by both you as doctoral student as well as your head of department.

Please note that if you request compensation, you must report sickness, parental leave or withdrawal of temporary parental allowance to your department and, secondly, to Kammarkollegiet at no later than the day after the first day of sick leave, parental leave or withdrawal of temporary parental leave.

By clicking on the link below you can read more regarding the insurance terms.

Study funding of doctoral education through one's own assets or pension is not permitted at the University of Borås.