About the project

The project is expected to last from 1 October 2020 to 30 June 2022.

The work will be divided into six phases (with partial overlaps):

  1. Technical implementation
  2. Training of technical/administrative staff
  3. Training of teachers
  4. Pilot courses (spring term 2021); courses in every department
  5. Final roll-out; wide implementation
  6. Ping Pong shut-down

This means that the different instances of project’s organisation will be activated at different times during the project.


The project’s management is responsible for the implementation of the project. 

The project team is responsible for progression, planning of training efforts, and roll-out in different stages (early adopters, pilot courses at each department, final roll-out).

The reference group contributes when it comes to pedagogical perspectives (from both a teacher's and student's point of view) and with health and safety aspects.