Project organisation

Steering group

  • Anna Cregård, Head of Professional Services
  • Jane Edström, Assistant Director of IT Office
  • Martin G Erikson, Dean of Faculty, A3

Project management

  • Hanna Markusson, Director, Academic Affairs Office (and future system owner)
  • Anna-Karin Josefsson, Administrative Officer, Vice-Chancellor's Executive Office (project management support)

Project group

  • Monik Nyrén, representative for A1
  • Anette Gustafsson, representative for A2
  • Anna Thorén, representative for A3
  • Per-Anders Månsson, Team Leader/Developer, IT
  • Carina Waldén, Systems Manager for PING PONG
  • Kristina Orava, Team Leader, System Group, Academic Affairs Office

Reference group

  • Current Ping Pong reference group
  • Anna Einerskog, Project Leader, EduTech
  • Filip Alburg, representative from the Student Union of Borås
  • Trade union representatives
  • Susanne Sabel, Safety Officer

Project management support

  • Sebastian Beijer, Sonder AB

Communications support

  • Johanna Avadahl, Communications Officer