Status, week 44

During last week, all the test pilots who will be part of the project received information about:

  • Training (starts during week 45 and is led by the supplier of Canvas)
  • The role of a test pilot
  • The test environment

Most of the university’s departments are represented in the group of test pilots. There are also test pilots from Professional Services (Academic Affairs Office, Faculty Support Office and University Library).

The main task of the test pilots is to learn the system at an early stage and translate this into their own, planned teaching. They should also act as ambassadors for the system and inform about their experiences (both positive and negative) in appropriate contexts.

Other news:

  • Project plan—some questions still remain and we hope to be able to present the plan for the project organisation during week 45.
  • Communication plan (as well as an activity plan)—has been compiled, and will be continuously updated when needed.
  • The integration of the system is going according to plan.
  • The design of the university's Canvas has begun and it follows the university’s graphic profile when it comes to colors etc.