Status, week 5

Last week, we held a meeting with 25 Heads of Department and Directors of Studies as well as Safety Representatives and Student Union representatives. It was a good meeting with a constructive discussion about the implementation of Canvas. We perceived that managers thought the information was relevant and that they received answers to their questions at this stage.

We are aware that there are many requests for apps, tools, and additional services in Canvas. Before we can move forward with any such things, there are several considerations that need to be made: general or specific needs of educational programmes, support availability, training opportunities, financial possibilities, staff resources during the implementation process, etc.

IT is currently working on developing the possibility to automatically give all employees an account in Canvas. This will free up resources in Canvas Support, which is currently manually setting up accounts.

Representatives of the Department of Educational Research and Development (PUF) and Canvas Support have intensified their work on educational initiatives and will present a proposal within a couple of weeks.

The term "pilot user" has stopped being used in the project and instead we are talking only about teachers in Canvas.