Disciplinary offences and fair and legally certain examinations

Information about the assessment of disciplinary matters and other important student law issues is contained in the relevant guidelines and procedures, and is addressed to those who, as an employee at the University of Borås, comes into contact with issues related to student disciplinary matters other student law issues. The purpose of these guidelines is to facilitate employees in the handling of disciplinary matters or other student law matters and to ensure that fairness and legal certainty for students is achieved by handling all disciplinary and other student law issues in a consistent way.

Disciplinary measures may be taken against students who attempt deception during examination, interfere with or obstruct the activities of the university, or harass another student or an employee at the university. The administrative processing of disciplinary matters takes place in accordance with the Higher Education Ordinance (1993:100), the Administrative Procedure Act (1986:223), and the rules laid down by the Vice-Chancellor. 

In order to prevent deception in exams or similar situations, it is important that students receive clear information about their courses and how exams are conducted, and that students and employees have knowledge of the university's rules regarding education, exams, exam writing, and rules on disciplinary offences and measures under the Higher Education Ordinance.

At the University of Borås, there are two Administrative Officers with special responsibility for student law issues – Nermina Aljic and Petra Gustafsson.

They can help you with questions or comments regarding student law issues. These may include disciplinary matters, fair and legally certain examinations, plagiarism, cheating, exam rules, etc.