Computer-based home and on Campus examination in WISEflow

If you as a course coordinator want to order an exam in WISEflow, home exam or at campus, please send all the information required (see below) in an emai to

Important information to send when bookning an exam in WISEflow:

  • On campus exam or home exam
  • Date and time (start and end)
  • Ladok code/Course code and name of the exam
  • Name of the author/-s (the teacher/-s  constructing the exam)
  • If you want to use FLOWmulti, FLOWassign, Flowlock or FLOWcombined
  • Name of assessor/-s
  • Name of reviewer if any (examiner, if there is more then one assessor)
  • exam or re exam
  • Assessment type (for example U-3-4-5, U-G-VG)
  • Phone number to teacher, during the exam

As a course coordinator, you should inform the students that the computer-based exam will be conducted as a BYOD exam and that they need to bring their own computers or book one in advance (at least 7 days before the day of the exam).


Get started guides WISEflow

If you want a guide please send an email to and order
"Get started guide author", "Get started guide assessor" or/and
"Get started guide reviewer".

If you have any questions about exam in WISEflow please send us an email at

If you are interested in learning more about digital exam in WISEflow, you are welcome to register for one of the workshops conducted by PUF during the spring semester. 


You are also welcome to visit us on our drop-in on Thursdays 14:00–15:00 at the Student Centre on B3 (Balder) if you have any questions about WISEflow examination.
Note! The DROP-IN is cancelled for the time being, due to the corona pandemic

Below is a list of the examinations that will be given in WISEflow. 

Current exams in Wiseflow (updated continuously below)

210218 NID021 Informationsdesign
210218 C3KTI1 Tillämpad teori och metod
210224 C46M20 Matematik och matematikdidaktik
210301 C3BKS1 Bibliografiska begrepp och modeller
210302 21SD1A Systemanalys- och design