To create and assess a digital exam in WISEflow

FLOWmulti is the most common sort of exam type to use for on campus exams. When using FLOWmulti you can use the LockDown-browser. The students will then only get access to the exam and nothing else on internet during the exam. The students need to download this on their computers before the exam day.
In FLOWmulti you can chose from a lot of different kind of questions when creating the exam, for example drag-and-drop, multiple choice, essay, drawing and to let the students upload a file... In FLOWmulti you can chose to use auto validation on some of the question types.

FLOWassign is a file based exam that you can use for home exams. Note that you can use FLOWmulti for home exams to but without the LockDown-Browser. In FLOWassign you work with files. The students will need to use the word processing program that they have on their computers and then converte it into pdf and upload it in WISEflow.
The submissions will be processed through Ouriginal (former Urkund), in the system, before the assesment starts.

FLOWlock is like FLOWassign a file based exam type. This is used for on campus exams as you can use the LockDown-browser for these exams.
The submission will be runned through Ouriginal (former Urkund).

Terms in WISEflow
Flow – the exam opportunity in whole
Assignment – the exam
Published assignment or Flow version (depending on if you use the old or the new Author tool) – the exam that is no longer editable and is ready for using on a flow
Section – a digital page with exam question/section
Content bank – question bank
Associated flows – the flows/exams where you are added as author and therefor can attach an assegnment

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Guide to the new Author tool