The system is available in a web and a client version. To login to the client interface you can open the program through the Start menu on your work computer. The web interface is found on the website as well as under the heading "Common links" on the staff web. To login use your normal user account and password.

To get started with KronoX please read the quick guide (pdf). It describes the basics of KronoX and how bookings are created and edited.

KronoX support

If you are unfamiliar with the functions in KronoX, need help with your bookings or have any other issues contact the  support via email:

If you want help with bookings of conferences and other bookings of the common rooms, please contact the reception via e-mail:

Subscribe to a schedule

You can subscribe to a KronoX schedule which means that it syncs with your calendar in GroupWise and is automatically updated when the schedule is changed. You can choose if you want to subscribe to a program or a course, your selection will be synchronized. 

  1.  Go to the KronoX website and search for your schedule under the tab Advanced search
  2.  Select the format Ical under Type of schedule
  3.  Click on the link that begins with webcal: // and open it with Novell GroupWise
  4.  Give the calendar a folder name, select the update frequency rate and then click the Subscribe button
  5.  Your personal schedule is now synced with GroupWise


If you as a teacher can not change or book older courses given a previous semester you need to extend the range that you are working in. In KronoX it's called "arbetsintervall". For older courses change the start date (when the course was held the first time) at the top left of the heading "Arbetsintervall".


The permissions in KronoX are divided on different levels. Basic authorization for all staff is to book common rooms up to 65 seats and to book all signatures.

Rooms that are not common are bookable at the three academies. This means that a teacher who belongs to A2 can book A2's rooms, but not the premises of the A1 or A3 .

The authorization to book specific courses are controlled by the courses allocated in the system TFU. Most courses belong to one or more subject areas. A teacher who is allocated for example the course code 11FK31 in TFU can book the course and all courses belonging to the same subject area, in this case Pedagogik. It is therefore essential that the information in TFU is correct and up to date.