The system makes it easier for the universities to comply with the regulations and requirements of follow-ups from the government and government agencies as well as enables the universities to follow their students. The system is owned by the universities in a consortium, currently consisting of 37 universities and higher education institutions and the National Board of Student Aid (CSN).

System development is common to all universities, but each university owns and is responsible for the content of their own registry. Management and operation of Ladok is handled by the consortium. 

Ladok at the University of Borås

You find information about working in the system in Ping Pong, in the activity called LADOK. This activity is the university’s main channel for spreading necessary information to all employees. All employees have access to the LADOK activity. Here you find manuals for reporting results, instruction films, information about scheduled shutdowns, etc.

If you have any questions or experience problems regarding Ladok, please contact your education administrator, either directly or via e-mail to, or Always state the programme/course code and the name(s) and personal identity number(s) of the student(s).

Please keep in mind that this system is new to everyone at the university, and the initial problems make the support take longer than usual. If you want, you can receive guidance in how to use the system. If so, contact your education administration and schedule a tutorial.

Current state: Ladok

In September, Ladok was upgraded. This meant that the university received a new web-based Ladok system for all employees, which replaced the old Ladok and the Ladok portal.

All examiners can now certify grades digitally, directly in Ladok. For the students, this meant that the Ladok portal was closed and replaced by a new student interface called Ladok Student.

Ladok is undergoing further development, which means that some functionality is still missing but will be introduced continuously. Development of the system and deployment of other universities are scheduled throughout 2018.

For most users at the university, the Ladok upgrade worked according to plan and the benefits of the new system are many, but we are aware that for some users the upgrade caused more problems than expected. This has affected, for example, reporting results and registration to examinations, which caused a lot of work for teachers and the administrative staff.

The supports at the Faculty Affairs Office and the Academic Affairs Office are severely burdened, and as a result the response times are longer than usual. The support prioritises among the incoming requests, and top priority is that everything should function as normal as possible for our students.

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