Manage spam

Create spam rule in GroupWise

  • Create a new folder in the cabinet in GroupWise that you name for example "SPAM" where all the spam is going to be stored.
  • Create a new rule by going into "Tools", choose "Rules".
  • If no rule exist click on "New". If there already is a rule you can choose "Edit" and extend the rule with new words.

  • In the dialogue box "New rule", write a name of the rule, for example "SPAM".
  • Check the "Received" box and also "mail" box to make sure it checks all the recieved mails.

  • Define the terms for the spam rule. If you want for example all the recieved mails with the name "VIAGRA" to be sent to the spam folder.
  • Click on "Define Conditions" and choose entries and write "VIAGRA" in the field.

  • The marked button "[]" is used to choose what you want to do with the desired text, the pre chosen alternative means the text itself. The other options can be for example "starts with", or "not equals". In this field you can for example choose a specific mail adress that you get spam from. When you're done with the options press "OK".

  • Here you can choose what's going to happened when the requirements are met, click on the "Add Action" and choose "Move to Folder".
  • Choose the folder "Spam" that you created and click on "Move" and then Save.

Remember to choose words that are appropriate to use in the spam rule so you don't send the wrong mails to this folder. For example having a rule that sends all mails recieved with the word "Win" can send "Win prices" but can also send mail called "Windows".