Box Sync synchronization

It's possible for you to synchronize files in Box through a client on your computer.

Unfortunately it isn't possible to install the Box client on the university's stationary computers, only on a laptop or a private computer.

The synchronization demands an installation of the client (available to 32/64 bit Windows and Mac OS X). Box recommends a maximum of  5 000-10 000 synchronized files and folders. A maximum of 40 000 files and folders is possible to synchronize.

Box client installation

  1. Log in to
  2. Click on the arrow beside your name and choose Get Box Sync.
  3. Download the client by clicking on Box Sync.


  1. Save the file, choose to open file and run the installation.

  2. Choose Next, read the agreement, if you accept the terms, choose I accept the terms in the Licens Agreement followed by Next. Finally, click on Finish.

  3. Enter your e-mail adress (first name.last and choose Use my company's single sign-on credentials. Click on Submit.

  4. Log in with your user account, the one you use to log in to the university's network and computers. 
  5. Now you will get a Folder created on your Box account with the name Default Sync Folder, your synced files will be placed here in this folder.
  6. Right beside the clock in the system tray down to the right on your screen you now will have an icon for the Box service.
    To open the program just double click this icon, you can also access the program via the Start Menu.
  7. Place the files or folders you want to synchronize on your computer to Box in the folder  "My Documents\My Box Files\Default Sync Folder.