Encryption of files

AES Crypt

For encryption of other files than Office-applications and pdf you use the pre-installed program "AES-Crypt". To encrypt you right-click on the file you want to encrypt and choose "AES Encrypt" in the menu and choose a password.

You will therefore get a separate file with the filename ending with ".aes". This is the file you should send to your recipient.

It's important that you remember this password else you won't be able to open the document again and it will be unusable.

When you recieve a encrypted file you need the password that the sender have set on the document. It's very important NOT to send the password in the same mail. Use either text or phone call to deliver the password.

When you decrypt the file it's going to have the same name as the original file. So you have to rename either the original file or the decrypted file. Else the program won't be able to decrypt/open the file.