Downloads require logging in with an active account. If you cannot log in, try giving your user name with .\ before it (e.g. .\TEST, in which you replace TEST with your use name/signature).

When you complete your studies or employment at the university, you must uninstall the program.

Download EndNote to PC/Windows:

EndNote 20 installation file

EndNote 20 license file

Download both files to the same folder. Start installation by opening the file EndNoteX8Inst. During the installation, the program will automatically use the license file, but this only works if you have placed it in the same folder as EndNoteX8Inst.

Download EndNote to MAC/OSX:

EndNote 20 installation file

Installation guide for Mac OS

Tutorials and manuals

You can find more information on how to use Endnote at the library webpage.

Tutorial and guides to Endnote