Project Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365  is a product from Microsoft consisting of a number of standardized IT services and applications which are provided over the Internet, so called cloud services.

The University of Borås want to offer a modern, attractive and flexible IT environment from a user perspective, that also provides extended possibilities of simple collaboration and a collaboration platform both internally and externally.

Way of working
At first the IT department needs to implement the services considered as base infrastructure where current systems are replaced with systems and applications from Microsoft.
After that planning and prioritization will be done together with the organization of which applications and services are to be implemented to secure a demand driven implementation.

To implement services a risk and vulnerability analysis needs to be performed for each service to determine if it can be implemented and what rules that need to apply to that specific service. Decision about implementation of applications and services is made by the IT manager.  


Take part of the status of the implementation: 

E mail (uppdated 20-03-26)

1st of November 2020 the university will replace today's email system GroupWise with Microsoft Exchange Online (Outlook). Before this change all employees need to make a choice whether or not to migrate current emails to the new system. More information about this and the requirements to be able to move the emails is communicated separately.

OneDrive and Office Online (uppdated 20-03-12)

OneDrive and Office Online may be implemented during 2020. Analysis is ongoing and no dates are set.

Teams (uppdated 20-01-27)

Teams is one of the services frequently requested by the organization. A risk and vulnerability analysis has not yet been performed and because of that there is no date set for implementation. Considering the resources available there is little chance of implementing Teams during 2020.