Save e-mail as PDF

  1. Open the GroupWise client and login with your signature and password.
  2. Highlight the mail that you want to save.

 (Important to notice is that if you want to save a bigger amount of mails you cannot use the groupwise client at this time)

Highlight a big group of mails

  • Left-click at the mail at the top that you wish to save.
  • Hold the SHIFT key
  • Left-click the bottom mail that you wish to save.

Highlight separate mails

  • Hold the CTRL key
  • Left-click at the mail you wish to save.

When you highlighted all the mail you want to save, right-click on one of the highlighted mails and choose "Save as".

Double-click the folder you wish to save in and press "Save".

This can take several minutes depending of the size of the mais. When the menu below have stopped moving you can press "close".