Report a problem

Technical issues with rooms, cleaning services, printers, copiers, furniture, and access cards

Reports about problems with printers, copiers, furniture, access cards, cleaning services and technical equipment in classrooms can be sent to For more urgent technical help on the university's premises, contact the university's Reception via telephone: 033-435 40 00. 

Computers, network, and telephones

To report a problem and receive support regarding the university's computers, network, user accounts, telephones, and access to computer programs, please email or call 033-435 4690.


Reports of problems related to the university's premises, such as heating, ventilation, lifts, water, and sewage regarding the Balder and Sandgärdet buildings can be made to  Akademiska Hus (external link).

For the Textile Fashion Center, contact Kanico at

For emergency maintenance issues, contact Reception: 033-435 40 00.

If you have lighting problems, contact