Learn Swedish

If your supervisor deems it appropriate that you should take a Swedish course in order to fully take advantage of the educational programme, they must notify the Admissions Office that registration should take place. You as a doctoral student are then admitted outside the regular admission numbers.

Find more information about the Swedish course offered at Language course in Swedish

Swedish for immigrants (SFI)

Swedish for immigrants, or SFI, is a programme that provides knowledge of the Swedish language and Swedish society, free of charge. Municipalities have an obligation to offer SFI to newly arrived adult immigrants with a personal identity number. Also EU citizens who do not have a personal identity number are entitled to attend the SFI programme if they have the right to reside in Sweden.

Link to SFI in Borås

Online resources

Folkuniversitetet is an organisation that offers Swedish courses online for a course fee.

Other online possibilities to learn Swedish are