In the beginning, the diploma was a proof of the acquired education and a ratification of the rights associated to the degree for the individual. The diploma is now not formal proof of the doctoral degree.

The University of Borås gives the diplomas as a gift to each new doctor in the conferment ceremony. The text in the diploma is in Latin, however the name itself is not changed to a Latin form. 


The ring is worn on the left ring finger and symbolises matrimony with science. The doctoral graduation ring is made of gold also to symbolise fidelity. The design varies between the universities but a common feature in the design of the ring in Sweden is the presence of oak leaves or laurel.

The ring has to be purchased by the doctor who wants to wear it at the ceremony. The ring must be ordered at least a month before the conferment ceremony. The University of Borås uses the doctor of philosophy ring and nothing else. 

Recommended place of purchase

Hovjuvelerare Martin Johansson AB
Kungsportsavenyn 27
400 14 Göteborg
Telefon: 031-16 00 50

The university does not assist with the purchase, but you need to inform the Master of Ceremonies if you decide to buy a ring. You are responsible for bringing the ring to the ceremony.

Doctoral hat

The doctoral hat symbolises freedom as well as power. The doctoral hat in Sweden is always black and pleated. At the front of the hat, a golden buckle is placed that represents the faculty from which the doctor has received his/hers degree. The faculty buckles vary from one university to another. The hat was associated to the higher faculties in the middle ages (theology, law, medicine and pharmacy).

At the University of Borås, a hat can be used by the doctors of a technology degree or artistic degree within one of the following degrees:

  • Degree of Doctor of Philosophy - Resourse Recovery
  • Degree of Doctor of Philosophy - Textile Materials Technology
  • Degree of Doctor of Philosophy - Design
  • Degree of Doctor of Philosophy - Caring Sciences

The doctor who wants to receive and wear a hat at the ceremony must order and purchase this himself/herself. The last date to order a hat for the ceremony 2022 is 14 January 2022.

Recommended place of purchase

Franzéns Hattmakeri
Västra Skansgatan 1B
413 02 Göteborg
Web: (external link)

The hats are handmade upon request and have to be ordered a couple of months ahead of the ceremony. You should visit the hat-maker so that a measurement of your head and shape can be made. For information on hat costs and the latest information, please visit the hattmakarnas' website here.

There are a few hats to borrow from the Master of Ceremonies at the university. Please note that there are just a few hats, and that sizes are limited so you might need to borrow a hat that doesn't fit you perfect. It's always better to buy your own hat if you want a hat that fits well. Please contact the Master of Ceremonies after you've ordered the hat. 

Laurel wreath

The laurel wreath is associated with the philosophical faculties. All doctoral degrees, except the doctors of technology, should use the wreath at the conferment ceremony; nonetheless, a hat can be bought afterwards and be worn at ceremonial occasions.

  • Degree of Doctor of Philosophy - Library and Information Science
  • Degree of Doctor of Philosophy - Textile Management

The laurel wreath is handmade upon request and has to be ordered at least two months ahead of the ceremony. The circumference (centimetres) of your head is needed for making the wreath. No visit beforehand is necessary. Contact the Master of Ceremonies if you need a laurel wreath.

Recommended place of purchase

Telefon: 0708-11 79 64